10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able to Say for Free

10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able to Say for Free

The English language is always changing, always growing. But not all change is good. And if there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, there is certainly too much of a bad thing. Here are ten words and phrases that aren’t swears but that we should have swear jars for.

  1. Bae. It allegedly means “before anyone else” but is treated as a noun (ex. Hey Bae) so it’s really just a shortening of Baby. A creation on Twitter, this word generally annoys, confuses, and raises many more questions than any one word should.
  2. That’s what she said. This was funny. It’s been around for a while and blew up thanks to The Office. Occasional use is still chuckle-worthy. But people who can’t get through an entire conversation without using it should find a new catch phrase.
  3. Literally. People do not mean this 99.9% of the time they say it. Literally means it is complete truth. “I’m literally falling into a coma, this class is so boring.” No, you’re not. You may literally be falling asleep, but not into a coma. English is misused and mistreated all the time. It happens. But most agree this is the most frustrating misuse that’s become rampant.
  4. Bye Felicia. How this surged into pop culture after so many years is beyond us. Much like “That’s what she said,” this one can have its moments. Sadly, though, there are people who cannot say goodbye without throwing this one in. Why ruin something’s funny qualities by overuse?
  5. YOLO. This has become an excuse for anything people want to do, even though they know they shouldn’t. And it, much like Bae, brings more derision than respect from the masses.
  6. Sorry, not sorry. This is all about saying something rude, acknowledging that it’s rude, and making sure everyone knows you don’t care about being rude. Really? It’s not exactly an admirable phrase to throw out and why are you being rude in the first place?
  7. I know, right? This adds no value to the conversation. And if you’re over 25, saying this makes you look far too juvenile. Stick with a simple confirmation and leave this one to the teenagers.
  8. M.I.L.F. Ah, another old one that refuses to rest in peace. This, along with “Sorry, not sorry” are surprising to hear in normal, everyday conversation. When did this become appropriate? My goodness.
  9. Epic. EVERYTHING IS EPIC! At least, that’s how it feels. Every event, every meal, every day is epic for some people. Let this word get its meaning, its impact back.
  10. Bro. This word has taken on a life of its own. Let’s end that, shall we? Dude, mate, bud, guy, etc. There are so many ways to acknowledge the guy whose name you don’t remember. Bro makes the worst impression (just barely beating out dude), so leave it at home and find another way.

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