11 Pokemon Go Tips You Need To Be The Very Best

11 Pokemon Go Tips You Need To Be The Very Best

Pokémon Go is the game that everyone is playing.A big part of this phenomenon is that the game is largely social, as friends go hunting for Pokémon together,people are going out and about more and making new friends.And if you’re going to play the game, you might as well “be the very best, like no one ever was,”

Here are Pokemon Go Tips You Need To Be The Very Best…

  1. Turn Off AR

After Capturing a wild Pokémon, tap the small slider in the upper right corner to disable AR and replace the background with a generic environment.AR (augmented reality) can often make it more difficult to catch your creatures — and drain your battery, too.

  1. Visit places with multiple PokéStops

If you want to find lots of Pokémon you need to go to populated area. Cities, Parks specially with lakes or Saltwater beach parks where lot of people visits for the ultimate Pokémon catching experience.

  1. Group Hunting especially at Night

To find lots of wild Pokémon you need to hunt in pairs, or groups and especially at Night (safely).

  1. Throw a curveball

Levelling up during the early stages in the game, but once you’re at higher levels advancing your stats gets a bit more difficult. Catching a Pokemon in itself will award you with XP, but you’ll get a bonus if you use the curve ball trick. Simply tap the ball, hold it and spin it around until you see sparkles. Toss it on the Pokemon and gain additional XP for throwing a curve ball. Those new to “Pokemon Go” may find that this technique needs a bit of practice to perfect.

  1. Evolve Pokémon by activating the Lucky Egg

You can evolve Pokémon by activating the Lucky Egg. Although collecting oodles of Candies and evolving Pokémon on the spot may seem addictive, it is better to collect now and evolve later. You can maximise the effects of a Lucky Egg that doubles XP within 30 minutes, by evolving Pokémon in batches.With the Lucky Egg, more evolves means more XP. You will find themselves levelling up in no time if they apply this trick. A Lucky Egg gives 1,000 XP. Then multiply the number of evolves at a single go with that number.

  1. Use the Ingress Intel Map to find PokéStops

Niantic used many of the maps within its previous game, Ingress, to populate PokéStops and Gyms in the Pokémon Go world. As such, you can use Ingress’s map system to figure out where, exactly, you should target your hunting efforts. (If you see Portals on Ingress’s map, those translate to PokéStops.)

  1. Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

Niantic’s software is annoyingly opaque, with a blinking radar ring both around you and the Pokémon creature bar that can easily mislead you into walking the wrong way.Once Pokémon appear in your Sightings screen, it should be within 700-1000 feet of your location: If you walk around sidewalks or streets in your area, your radar ring should bring it out of hiding.

  1. The Incense movement trick – catch more Pokemon more quickly

Incense spawns 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes while you’re standing still, but Pokemon will spawn every 1 minute or 200 meters when you’re moving.

  1. Razz Berries

Razz Berries can be used to help catch hard-to-contain wild Pokémon that cross your path. If you find that they keep breaking out of your Pokéballs when thrown, using the balls in tandem with the berries can increase your chance of capturing those fantastic creatures.

  1. When evolving creatures, choose the higher-level creatures

When power boosting your Pokémon, you will see a level ring around their portrait: The amount filled in the ring indicates their level in comparison to your own max level (the far right side of the ring). If they are close to your level to begin with, the result will be a much-higher evolved creature.

  1. Trying to get your egg to hatch? Move it around your room

If you don’t have time to take a walk to get your 9.8km/10km egg to hatch, try moving your phone back and forth on your desk or around your office — if your trainer moves, you’re in a place where the GPS signal is unsteady enough that you can trick the game into thinking you’re walking. Keep moving your phone back and forth, and eventually your egg will hatch!

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