7 mysterious secrets boyfriend’s will never want their girlfriend’s to know

7 mysterious secrets boyfriend’s will never want their girlfriend’s to know

Everyone has some secrets that they can’t share always especially between opposite sex. I have listed some really secret things that any boyfriend would not want his girlfriend to know about. Here are 7 deep secrets which were a mystery till date but now revealed, Enjoy exploring girls! Sorry brother’s

1He still checks out other women

Not very frequently but he does. Yes! Bitter truth but you have to digest it girls. God has given so many choices to guys that they just can’t miss. Even after being in a committed relationship, guys do checkout cute girls. “Kya karoo o ladies, me hu aadat se majboor”

2He stalked you on Facebook before opening up his feelin…

Boys first stalk their crushes on social media before approaching them in real. Every boyfriend would have definitely stalked their girlfriend before they actually met in real. But guys never like to admit it.

3He is actually happy when you decide to hangout with yo…

So that he can hangout with his buddies to discover his real self. Everyone likes to have his own space. One can’t always be with their partners all the time. Sometimes having a hangover with the best buddies is the most awesome thing on planet. Its great to spend time with your best buddies & rediscover the most wild version of yourself.

4He was nervous too when you first met, when you had you…

Women thinks that only they get nervous when dating for the first time or at intimate moments. That’s untrue, guys too feel a bit nervous for the first time but they will never express it. (Its all about expression magic baby).

5He doesn’t always has ‘Mood’ (to romance)

“Sex is the thing that is always on guy’s mind” is frequently heard belief. Its actually a wrong belief, boys are not always in that mood. Enforcing them to that mood at uncertain time may make them more furious.”

6He still likes watching porn occasionally(Integral part…

Porn has various choice of hot chicks in 20-30 minutes unlike a single women for whole life. So obviously guys don’t stop watching porn, it’s just they stop discussing about it with their partner.

7He gets freaked out with mushy baby talks (Hats off to …

If he smiles at your mushy baby talks doesn’t mean he likes it but he has no option than to bear it. Actually all guys hate that mushy baby talks, just they don’t hurt their girlfriend’s by telling them.

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