Pros and Cons of Renting or Buying an Electrolux Carpet Shampooer

Pros and Cons of Renting or Buying an Electrolux Carpet Shampooer

Carpet cleaning is one of those home cleaning chores that few people enjoy but that is extremely necessary. There is simply no other way to keep your carpets looking good and for removing the inevitable stains that happen on carpeted floors. In order to shampoo your carpets, you need some liquid carpet shampoo and a carpet shampoo machine. There are carpet shampooers that you can rent and also ones that you can buy. There are pros and cons to both options and this article will help you consider the factors that will help you weigh those pros and cons before making a decision.

Buying your own carpet shampooer can turn out to be a pro in terms of money saved if you shampoo your carpets often enough. For example, if you shampoo your carpets once every three months or so, then you will pay for the cost of a carpet shampooer with less than two years worth of rentals. The life expectancy of a carpet shampooer like the Electrolux carpet shampooer is much longer than two years so it makes better money sense to buy your own in that situation. However, if you only shampoo once a year, then it really doesn’t make sense to purchase your own machine because you will be less likely to pay for it before the machine is out of date and ends to be replaced.

A possible con of buying a carpet shampoo machine is that you will not have somewhere to store it. When you rent a carpet shampooer, the machine comes into your home for only as long as it takes to use it. When you purchase your own carpet cleaning machine, you need to find a place to put it when you are not using it and that might be difficult if your home is already overflowing with other pieces of cleaning equipment. The carpet shampoo machine is larger than a vacuum and much heavier so you need to find a place to store it where you do not have to go up and down stairs too much.

One possible con of renting a carpet shampoo machine is that you will not be able to address spills and stains on your carpet quickly enough. If a spill is not cleaned up with a shampoo machine or upholstery shampooer promptly then there is time for it to spread to neighboring carpet fibers and work its way down deeper into the carpet fibers as well. Waiting for the next carpet shampoo rental could mean that you will never get the stain out. In addition, renting a carpet shampoo machine just to address a single stain can start to get too expensive. A better alternative is to purchase your own carpet shampooer so that you can address stains promptly.

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