Most Common Trademarks Seen on Product Labels

Most Common Trademarks Seen on Product Labels

Product Labels say so much about a particular brand or item for the knowledge of the consumer even before having the chance to use it. Surprisingly, the labels attempt to convince any consumer to buy that item when he becomes interested to take a look at what is written on those labels regarding its purpose, quality, value, creation, and superiority over other brands.

Labels also include some symbols or more accurately defined as trademarks which speak of an exceptional feature with the product for having abided by particular legislative rules on trade and commerce. Below are some examples:

  1. 100% Organic. Products are certified organic by several bodies around the globe when they meet the following requirements: they were manufactured without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, additives, genetically modified organisms, irradiation and bio-solids. Every product that was certified organic may contain the symbol or logo of the certifying body, examples of which are: European Union, USDA Organic, JAS Japan, Agriculture Biologique in France, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, and China Green Food Development Center. Although standards for every country vary, they are all uniform in their objective of certifying products which have gone through their standard processes of application before being awarded with organic seal.
  2. Made in the USA. This mark indicates that the automobile, textile, fur, and wool products with all or virtually all components were sourced from the USA as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Other products outside the scope of those mentioned earlier are not required to have this mark printed on their product labels, but anyone who chooses to make claims on the amount of U.S. contents in their products are not prohibited from doing so. Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, Wool Products Labeling Act, Fur Products Labeling Act, and the American Automobile Labeling Act are the legislation covering these industries.

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