Several Alternatives to Liposuction Available Today

Several Alternatives to Liposuction Available Today

There are several options for those who want the instant fat removal benefits of liposuction without the associated surgical risks. The most common method is using a chemical injection to dissolve the fatty tissue in the area. Then there are more technologically advanced options like Thermage which uses a laser to generate the heat energy to melt fat or an ultrasonic fat removal method that applies the same concept of destroying fat cells without any penetration of the skin.

These alternatives to liposuction require no surgical incision and thus eliminate many of the risks associated with any type of surgery.

The chemical injection is probably the most popular simply because of its widespread use and publicity. In Europe this method of treatment is known as Mesotherapy and has been practiced as a part of traditional medicine for centuries although the actual injection medicine has been improved to better suit specific needs. It is also used to treat sports injuries and other health problems. Cosmetically it is very effective as a liposuction alternative for fat removal and to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Lipodissolve is the counterpart of the Mesotherapy that is popular in the United States. It offers patients a minimally invasive way to eliminate small deposits of unwanted fat as well as produce tighter, smoother skin. These solutions are great for treating delicate areas of the body such as parts of the face and around boney areas like the joints. For that reason there is no surprise that it is a very effective alternative for procedures like ankle liposuction.

The most noninvasive options are Thermage and ultrasound fat removal which uses either thermal energy to melt fat or ultrasonic sound waves to cause the fat cells to burst. This releases the fatty tissue from the destroyed fat cells which is removed naturally by the body’s waste elimination system. It is picked up and excreted through your normal urination routine. These methods are quickly becoming commercialized and publicized and we can expect a rise in treatments in the near future as the technique is perfected.

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