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How to get a defined smoky cat eye

How to get a defined smoky cat eye

To get a defined smoky cat eye begin by washing your face to start with a blank canvas.
Next you want to use a good primer to keep your eyeshadow and liner in place and to prevent any smudges that may occur.
After this you will want to get a fairly dark color of eyeshadow, some liquid liner, a slightly lighter color of eyeshadow and mascara.

Begin with the darker eyeshadow. You want to cover your lids in the color and at a 45° angle from the outer corner of the eye sweep the eyeshadow outward. You want to go about a quarter of the way to your eyebrows with the darker color then bring the eyeshadow back toward the crease of your eye ending at the middle and top part of your eye.
Once you fill in the darker color, use the lighter eyeshadow to contour below your eyebrow and at the far inner corner of your eye.

Now take the liquid liner and outline your top lid and finish with a wing over the angled eyeshadow that you made earlier.
Last, finish with adding mascara to your eyelashes and you’re done.

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