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Make Up Disasters You’ll Want To Avoid

Make Up Disasters You’ll Want To Avoid

Once upon a time, these make up looks might have been fashionable and up to date, but in the 21st century they’re a big no no. Here’s a rundown of some of the worst make up crimes a person can commit, so you know to avoid them!

– Darker lipliner than lipstick.

Or perhaps just no lipstick at all, as is occasionally seen (unfortunately). This ‘fashion’ has never been in style, because not only is it unflattering, it just looks terrible. Lipliner is meant to create a neat edge to lipstick, and should be the same shade as the lipstick used. It isn’t meant to be used to create a darker shape around the lips, so don’t do it!

– Coloured eyeshadow up to the eyebrows.

The main eyeshadow colour should only go up to the top of the eyelids, ending just where the bulge for the eye finishes. However, we’ve all seen women who wear bright colours – sometimes blue and green – right up to their eyebrow arches. It isn’t a good look, particularly as it makes a person look permanently startled.

– Perfectly round blusher.

We’re talking blusher applied in a perfect circle, with no blending in to the rest of the face. This make up disaster is reminiscent of clowns thanks to its perfect bright red circles that don’t compliment the face, just make a person look comical. Apply blusher sparingly and using a sweeping motion of the apple of the cheek to avoid committing this make up sin.

Alana Antol
I disagree with the first “disaster” that darker lip liner than the actual lipstick is a no-no. Its actually trending and has been since Selena (The spanish popstar) was performing. The other two disasters are kind of common sense in the world of makeup. Why would someone not blend their clown cheeks? Why would you want one single color (unless it matches your skin tone) to be applied all the way to your eyebrow arches?

Applying blusher can be tricky and take some trial and error maneuvering. I used to avoid it but now I use it daily to get some color to my otherwise pale face (especially during winter time). Pale skin + blusher applying definitely needs proper blending!

I think you should try to be natural as much as possible because as you said these are make up crimes,(like the perfectly round blusher omg) it is okay for woman to put some make up because we live in this 21st century and this the fashion actually one of the principal way womenexpress their feminity, but I think women in general can improve their feminity in other type of ways.

Nazia Yovillain
Lipliner looks terrible if not used properly! Although it is useful to outline lips! But it needs time and patience because if not applied properly it can look really ratchet!

I agree with Oly that the ‘natural look’ is most pleasing. In my opinion there is nothing like time and practice, along with a little support from a skilled friend or beautician and miracles can be worked!

Laryssa Beeh Kramer
I totally agree with all of these make-up faux pas. I would like to add a couple though! What do you think about “wings”? They remind me of the eighties and I hate them!

This is hilarious, and I completely agree. Unfortunately, working at a makeup counter I get to see these mistakes in action pretty much daily. Eye shadow one is a HUGE problem, never put anything above your crease unless it is a SUPER subtle shimmer, or a tone that nearly matches your eyelid tone, and is only meant to create a more smooth look with the rest of your shadow!

I have seen people using blushers as contouring and they look really hilarious. That’s even worst. For the lipliners, many women use them to show their lip line, which is truly nonsensical to me. Why would anyone be interested in your lip line rather than your lip?

If make up is not done properly the person may really look dreadful. So it is better to seek advice from the experienced or read up on some articles regarding it in order to be safe.

Fantastic article. Realised that I have been applying some make up incorrectly. I tend to send up with eyeshadow in my eyebrows. Dark lipliner can look horrible with a lighter coloured lipstick. Think it ages people by 10 years.

Great article. Reminded me of what I used to do when I carelessly applied make up. The most offensive make up mistake is the darker lipliner in contrast to a lighter lipstick. Makes you look so much older.

What a great article! The eyeshadow mistake reminds me of when I was in my early teens and would apply shadow up to my brows in the brightest shades i could possibly find. It’s definitely a no no today.

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