Make Up Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Make Up!

Everything You Need to Know About Make Up!

To put on foundation you must first go to the drugstore yes drug store. You’re a beginner you dont need the super expensive mac while not knowing how to use it. This can take a while but look for your match in concealer. I’m very caramel but im two toned so i have to buy two different liquid foundations. NEVER get a foundation that says full coverage. it will look caked on when your try to seal it.

After you have your basic make up tools a make up brush in various sizes. you’ll need a mirror you can sit infront of and lots of natural light. take the liquid foundation and put it on the back of your hand natural heat melts it alittle. dab your dark spots with your finger than take a medium size blending brush dabbing it with foundation/ concealer and blend it evenly all over your face. Take your time because it your dont blend properly EVERYONE can tell. once blended I add alittle blush to my cheeks so i dont look as pale as a ghost.

You than proceed to curl your lashes (some people use a spoon i use the lash curler) put some mascara on your eyelashes. rubbing in a gently back and forth motion working your way up your lashes from the base. You than have the option to either put on eyeliner (which i dont do because of shaky hands) or go the way you are.

Lastly its time for your lips chose a color and find a lip pencil one shade darker to line your lips. once your lips are lines i prefer matte like lipstick apply and your lips are ready to go.
Summer is the best time to experiment with makeup! Just make sure you take it off properly at night !

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