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The eyes are the window to the soul. For many people, this is the first thing they notice about another. So this is an important part of beautifying ourselves. With this Eye Makeup Tutorial, you will let those baby blues, browns, greens, or whatever shine!

When starting out, as with all other areas, remember that less is more. We don’t want to take away from our natural beautiful eyes. Think of the times you have seen an eye shadow on a girl that dominates the whole outfit, much less the face. Don’t be this girl ladies. It should accent your eyes.

First, lets start with a concealer. Most of us have those dark colors in out inner eye which is blood pooling. We will use three dots here. Start at the inner corner, then one beneath the pupil, and finally at the outer corner. Pat the concealer in until it looks as natural as your skin.

Second apply a base to your lid. Much like the facial foundation, you need to prime the canvass. This will allow the eyeshadow to look fabulous for a much longer period.

Then we will start with the eye shadow. A three tone approach is arguably the best as it draws attention tot he eyes. We are going to Start with a light color that is close to your natural color sweeping it towards the brow. Then come with a medium color across the lid. And close it out with a darker color at the crease. If you properly blend these colors together, you will have a subtle rainbow effect that frames your eyes quite well.

Adding an eye liner is the next step and dark eyeshadow can work wonderfully for this. On the upper eye, wet a brush and follow as close tot he upper eye lash as possible. Then for the lower, start at the middle of the eye and work out. Then take a Q-Tip and smudge the liner. You don’t want stark lines.

Now we will add a highlighter. To do this start at the corner of the inner an make two swooshes. One angled up, and one angled down. Then blend these in to accentuated the eyes.

Finally we close this out with the lashes themselves. Start by curling them as it will make them look long and elegant. To do this, you can heat up the eyelash curler under a blow dryer, and then gently curl them out. next, take your mascara wand and apply it starting at the base of the upper eyelashes working your way up to the tips applying evenly. Do the same to the bottom as well.

If you follow these steps, you will have gorgeous eyes that pop!

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