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Makeup tip for those of us with rosacea

Makeup tip for those of us with rosacea

If you’re like me, and have Rosacea1), you know what a nightmare trying to apply makeup without looking like a clown can be.

Many years I’ve spent either feeling like my makeup just didn’t look right or flat out not wearing makeup at all. I hated all that red in my face! Well ladies, I’ve got a few tips that just might ease some frustrations, and put a smile back on that beautiful face of yours when you glance hopefully in the mirror.

I have never liked cover-ups, they feel too heavy on my skin and make me sweat. So, I usually start with Neutrogena under eye concealer to get rid of any dark circles. Just a little at the corner of each eye and blend it in real good with my finger under my eyes and over my eyelids.

Then with a nice puffy brush I lightly brush on Neutrogena’s color correction face powder which they carry for light, medium, and dark complexions. This should cover and neutralize the red in your face giving you a somewhat paler looking complexion. Now, here comes the most important part and it sounds absurd but just trust me on this ladies and give it a try; blush! Yes, that’s right, blush is your best friend if you suffer from rosacea.

Neutrogena carries awesome blush formulated for light, medium, or darker skin tones, choose according to your skin tone. Now take that nice puffy brush VERY lightly apply a little blush to your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck be sure to blend evenly. This should give you just a hint of a rosy glow, don’t get too carried away with it though. Now with a smaller brush apply a little bit more blush to the cheeks to give them a little bit more color and viola!

You now have a healthy natural glow and you can now apply the rest of your eye makeup and your favorite lipstick and you’re good to go girl! You’ll look and feel beautiful, natural, and your face will feel more fresh and clean without a ton of coverup

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