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How to put on Make Up

How to put on Make Up

In order to put on make up in a right way, first you need to consider some things:

Type of your skin
part of the day

If you have some problems such as reddening, inflammation marks, visible skin pores, dark circles under eyes. You can use some special pre-foundation, which helps to hide all the undesirable stuff. After this you need to apply foundation. Foundation is a part you need to be careful with, because it’s easy to choose a wrong color.

The right one shall perfectly match with your real skin color and not make any difference between your face and neck color tone. If your face looks natural and healthy with foundation on it, it means you picked a right one. But it’s still not done if you want your face to seem even more healthy and natural. Normally people’s faces don’t look flat without any make-up on, but it can seem to be so with foundation on it. So you need to add “shades” and to highlight some certain areas on your face. Use a powder one or two tone darker than your usual one to shade sides of your face, blusher for your cheek bones and concealer for under eye area.

After this you can use only mascara and a brow powder. Because good-looking skin makes your appearance nice and appealing, so you don’t need to put on lots of make up on your eyes or lips. Just a lip balm will finish your look perfectly.

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