What Causes Acne Take Acne Control

What Causes Acne Take Acne Control

What causes acne? This is the question of all the teenagers sharing the same problems. Though acne starts in puberty, it affects many of the year of a person’s life. Al most all the teenagers have the same problems, some have major and some have minor if they are examined thoroughly. Androgen is the major hormone which causes changes in teenagers. The sebaceous glands help to produce sebum under the influence of androgen. This turns the skin more oily and also in skin flora. This increased oil helps to increase bacteria and also fungus. All of these take a part of blocking the openings of oil glands known as comedones.

This is what causes acne and other skin problems. However, acne is not happened only in puberty. It has a permanent effect on skin like scarring that should be well treated. Skin cleansing without cleanser may take a good effect on skin. Acuzine can be taken as a supplement to have a quick and good recovery from acne.

What causes adult acne? It may be the result long last effect of adolescence. In some occupation, some problems can be seen due to a workplace. Side effects of some medicine also keep a major role in producing acne. Cosmetic acne is another type of acne.

Many of the acne affected people have a family history of having acne problems. So genetics is another cause behind this. When you work under a hot as well as humid condition, there is a strong chance to have acne. Taking thick make-up and work in an oily place can make your life painful with acne.

Thick and oily creams are prohibited for the oily skins. Change your lifestyle and it will make positive impact on preventing acne. People with oily skins should use the products which are formulated for oily skin.

Stress is another reason behind acne. When you have sleepless nights, there is a definite chance to have acne. The menstrual circle can accelerate acne problem for women. and you can visit your dermatologist because they will have some solutions that you can use to help with your acne problems. You can protect yourself from acne by taking some precaution and that will help you to get rid of it most of the time.

Now that you know what causes acne it is time for you to take action and get rid of your acne and have an acne free life.

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